The Meaty Market

When Fabian’s family travels they try to stay away from any areas infested with tourists.  His father, Charles, likes to experience life from the local’s perspective. As you can see from the following images: There have been many times that we see something interesting happening from the car, so we park and hop out to … More The Meaty Market

Wynwood Walls

Of course, I couldn’t visit Miami without seeing the Wynwood Walls.  This place was so special to me I thought it deserved its own article!  Anyone who appreciates art could get lost wandering through these murals for hours. There’s a main plaza through the Wynwood Walls sign (as seen above), but there are literally paintings … More Wynwood Walls

Blue Man Group

Some of our first dates were spent at Universal Studio’s City Walk, a great place for locals and tourists to enjoy nightlife.  You don’t need a park ticket for entry, but they do start checking IDs at 10pm.  The stretch includes plenty of restaurants and bars; one of my favorites being Fat Tuesday, home of … More Blue Man Group