Gear List

Sandmarc Lens

Our phone is with us every hour of the day and the best camera for those quick moment shots. With the enhancements in quality, smartphones cameras are more than useable to get great shots. Pairing it with Sandmarc lenses helps us get different looks to our images when we do not have our DSLR handy. It also is less intrusive than having a larger camera and will help you get those candid shots.

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Multi Plug USB

Nowadays, EVERYTHING is charged with usb. When packing, every inch matters and we love to bring as little as possible. Having this charger has saved us many headaches and has kept all our devices charged in record time with its fast charging capabilities.

DJI Osmo Pocket

DJI revolutionized drones and aerial photography. Taking that existing technology and bringing it to a tiny handheld camera has been a huge blessing to use on trips and daily video making. It is truly one of the best tech gadgets in the past few years.

World wide USB Charger

A charger with multiple plugs depending on which country you are visiting will give you one less thing to worry about.

Canon 5D Mark IV

While smartphones are great for quick photos, a full fledged DSLR just cannot be beaten on the image quality and durability. We use Canon cameras and mostly the 5D Mark IV for all our shots on the blog. They have various models for all skills, price ranges and features.

Lumix GH5

When we are not using the DJI Osmo pocket and have more time to plan our shoots for YouTube or more cinematic feel, our go to camera for videography is the Lumix GH5. It has all the features we could ever use and more. The quality is absolutely fantastic and anyone interested in videography should have this camera as one of their top contenders.

USB Charger for Canon cameras