Fort Bragg: A Hidden Gem on the California Coast

This next place I almost don’t want to share. My family has always come here to escape from the rest of the world.  One of my greatest fears is that someday a film will be shot here and bring in loads of tourists ultimately ruining what makes this place so wonderful.


But because of its majestic beauty, it almost seems unfair if more people don’t get to experience its wonder.  Fort Bragg is personally my favorite place to explore and just wander – in a way where you almost feel completely alone.  The cliffs make you feel like you’re on the edge of the Earth and it’s easy to find a cove all to yourself to watch and listen to the crash of ocean waves, while taking in those deep breaths of salty air.



We always stay at the Beachcomber Hotel  for its great views of the ocean.  It’s also a pet friendly hotel if you’ll be traveling with any furry friends.  There’s a fenced off doggy play area and special rooms for dogs with their own little houses and doggy doors.

Having a Gladiator moment just steps away from the hotel.

Another reason we keep coming back to the Beachcomber is for evenings around the fire pits on the hotel’s patio. This is especially great when traveling in larger groups. Grab a s’mores kit from the lobby and your favorite six pack.


Our favorite eatery in town is (hands down) JENNY’S GIANT BURRGAS! And we can’t help but say it like that now… But seriously, get yourself a Giant Burger from Jenny’s and you’ll see why we’re obsessed. They’re cheap and on the edge of town so you can take your burger and fries back to the Beachcomber to enjoy on your balcony.


If you do end up staying at the Beachcomber or somewhere nearby definitely start one of your mornings with a walk to Glass Beach. The beach was actually a dump at one time but now those old, broken, glass bottles have been smoothed over by the ocean enough that the trash has become treasure.


Of course, there isn’t as much glass as there used to be, due to tourists taking these treasures for themselves.  But there are still some bits here and there.  Remember to only TAKE PHOTOS so many others can still enjoy this place.


If you’re coming from south of Mendocino County make sure to stop at Point Cabrillo Lighthouse on your way up for some great photos.  For even better photos I recommend wearing something red.


If you keep heading north a few hours passed Fort Bragg you’ll make it to the Redwoods, another beautiful sight everyone should experience at least once in their lives!  Even if you just head 90 minutes up Highway 1 you’ll get to the Chandelier Drive Thru Tree which is sure to be a fun time for any kiddies in your family.


Once you’ve done all your exploring up north, got in a nice bike ride along the cliffs near your hotel, and stuff yourself with burgers or freshly caught seafood from Princess Seafood Market and Deli on the wharf, make sure to give yourself time to roam the town itself.  It has that old town charm and an awesome farmer’s market on Wednesdays.

RJ8A0321 RJ8A0350

After your time in Fort Bragg you’ll know what relaxation really feels like!

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