Blue Man Group


Some of our first dates were spent at Universal Studio’s City Walk, a great place for locals and tourists to enjoy nightlife.  You don’t need a park ticket for entry, but they do start checking IDs at 10pm.  The stretch includes plenty of restaurants and bars; one of my favorites being Fat Tuesday, home of a wide variety of frozen New Orleans style daiquiris.  What I like most about Fat Tuesday is that you can carry your drink around with you throughout City Walk, and the fact that you can add as many extra shots to your drink as you please.  But heed my warning that these beverages are STRONG!


There’s also a few dance clubs to choose from, such as The Groove and The Red Coconut.  Both are free entry if you get there before 11pm or if you have a Preferred Annual Pass.  Anything will be a good time once you have a couple of those daiquiris in you, honestly, even just a stroll around the lake.

But for a really extravagant evening at City Walk we both recommend getting tickets to The Blue Man Group.


When you first sit down you’ll notice this quote on the stage’s screen.  I appreciated it, really sets the mood for the entire presentation.  The performance itself is almost indescribable.  The artists/musicians are extremely talented in everything they do.  At first, the display seems as though it will be a circus act, but as it continues everything the Blue Men do has a deeper rooted message. They have a lot of fun interacting with the audience and everyone gets involved (especially the front rows who are provided with ponchos prior to the show’s beginning).  Our favorite part would probably have to be the finale, a dance party to The Blue Men’s song “Shake that Euphemism,” which I later downloaded on iTunes.


All in all, it was a great date night idea and I was impressed… so I stayed with Fabian.  Lesson from this post: if you want a girl to like you (specifically an “artsy” girl) take her to see Blue Man Group.

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