Sausages and Castles: A Few Must-Do’s in Germany

Our story begins in the city of Frankfurt, a place much more modern than the Germany you may have in mind.  Streets were covered in sculptures and other contemporary art… and I felt a sense of familiarity.  Of all the countries we’ve visited throughout Europe, Germany felt the most like America, especially the city of Frankfurt. … More Sausages and Castles: A Few Must-Do’s in Germany

Lost in Los Angeles

From Ventura we made our way through Malibu, where we mostly just stared in awe at all the glorious mansions surrounding us. Then we followed the coastline to Santa Monica and parked at the pier.  After taking a look at all the beachy gift shops and ferris wheel at the end of the dock we … More Lost in Los Angeles

Blue Man Group

Some of our first dates were spent at Universal Studio’s City Walk, a great place for locals and tourists to enjoy nightlife.  You don’t need a park ticket for entry, but they do start checking IDs at 10pm.  The stretch includes plenty of restaurants and bars; one of my favorites being Fat Tuesday, home of … More Blue Man Group