The Vibrant Island of Burano


From Venice, a forty-five minute ferry ride can get you to the island of Burano, known for its brightly colored buildings.  Apparently the houses were originally painted this way so that fishermen could find their homes in the early morning/late night fog but today its quite obvious that new layers are painted on for the tourists who come in flocks for those perfectly “Instagrammable” shots.  Locals seem to plant flowers and hang clothing out front that matches the color scheme of their homes, maybe in the hopes of becoming the most popular house to photograph…

The other nearby island called Murano can also be visited by boat, although we had to schedule a trip with our hotel’s shuttle.  This is where Venice’s famed stain glass comes from, but honestly I had a better time at Burano, it was a perfect day trip filled with photo taking and pizza eating.  If you have some extra time to kill during your stay in Venice I’d absolutely recommend Burano, an ideal place for any photographers, artists, and color enthusiasts.

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