Spending Carnival in Venice, Italy


It was my first time celebrating Carnival, and what place better to spend it than Venezia?! The air in February was a bit chilly but not too bad compared to other places we had just been in Europe.  Carnival is the most crowded time of year in Venice, but if you spend most of your time outside of the super touristy areas you won’t really notice.

RJ8A1420 RJ8A2113RJ8A1513

Lots of people come to dress up as if they’re at a masquerade in the 1600s. Others come to take photos of these elaborate costumes, and don’t worry it’s not like Hollywood Boulevard where you have to pay dressed up characters to take their photo. Oh, and it’s not just humans that dress up for fun, we saw a good amount of dogs in costume too!

RJ8A2120RJ8A1446Hoards of people armed with cameras would surround those in costume. Everyone really loved this Lotus Man (on the left).

RJ8A1986 We made sure to get our own masks to really feel like part of the celebration and they made for the perfect souvenirs.  They became great decorations when we got home.

RJ8A1639 RJ8A1654

Our hotel (The Boscolo) was on the outskirts of the island and right on a canal. It was so nice to wake up to gondolas passing our window every morning. Everyday we took the hotel’s boat to Piazza San Marco and would slowly make our way back to the hotel throughout the day and there was plenty to see on the way there.

RJ8A2030 RJ8A2006 RJ8A2110 RJ8A1416

RJ8A1402 RJ8A1663We loved just getting lost in the tight alleyways and having to find our way back. It’s impossible to get too far from wherever you’re supposed to be, as Venice is an island. We even roamed around late at night and felt perfectly safe. If we ever saw a shadowy figure coming out of the mist it would end up being a little grandma walking her dog. Most of the island’s population is made up of senior citizens as the young people don’t want to stick around and work at tourist attractions, so they move to the mainland for jobs.

RJ8A1953 RJ8A1483

It really did feel like we had gone back in a time machine. I mean, we’ve been to some really old places but here, for example, the building our hotel was in was built in the 1100s! Venezia has become my favorite place in Europe, because I don’t think there’s another place really like it. It’s sad to think that the island is slowly becoming more and more taken over by water… Most buildings have had their bottom floors evacuated due to water damage. This gives everyone even MORE of a reason to see Venice within your lifetime… or even its own.


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