Sausages and Castles: A Few Must-Do’s in Germany


Our story begins in the city of Frankfurt, a place much more modern than the Germany you may have in mind.  Streets were covered in sculptures and other contemporary art… and I felt a sense of familiarity.  Of all the countries we’ve visited throughout Europe, Germany felt the most like America, especially the city of Frankfurt.


But of course, unlike America, here you’ll find old buildings such as those in Römerberg, a square that has served as the city’s administration since the 15th century (seen above).  With its medieval style and Old St Nicholas Church, this is a spot every tourist must stop when passing through the country.  In contrast to this antiquated square was a major shopping mecca only a few blocks away, which included a state-of-the-art mall reminiscent of those in Dubai.


We decided to stay close to the old square to find dinner and found a cozy little place with an authentic menu.  The restaurant was called Romer Pils Brunnen and it was everything we could’ve hoped for.  Waitresses greeted us with a warm welcome and the whole place had a very homey feel.  I felt as if I were visiting my long lost German grandma’s house.  On top of that, the meal was amazing… two big, juicy sausages, with a heaping side of sauerkraut and herb roasted potatoes, which all washed down with a local hefeweizen beer.


The next day our journey led us to the city of Stuttgart, where we stopped at the City Library for a little photoshoot.  The building was designed by an architect from Korea but it looks like it came from the mind of M. C. Escher.


Our most important stop in Germany though, was Disney related…obviously… In the very south of the country, almost at the Swiss border is Neuschwanstein Castle, which inspired Sleeping Beauty’s at Walt’s original park, Disneyland.  It was about a 30 minute hike to get to the view point, but its well worth the stroll.  The bridge with the ideal view was actually blocked off when we got there, but like everyone else… we climbed around the barrier and endured the icy roads ahead for the perfect photo.


The aforementioned bridge is not only ideal for a great view but to get an entirely magical experience as it has a waterfall just beneath it… The smell of water and the sounds of the cascade really add to the whimsical view of the castle.  You can even hike beyond the bridge, as we did, for a higher view of the castle.  Our enchanting visit was complete with yet another sausage from a nearby cart at the bottom of the mountain where you can also find a plethora of souvenir shoppes.


The combination of food, people, art, and architecture would bring me back to Germany in a heartbeat.  As an American, I’d recommend visiting this country to anyone back home, as everyone there speaks English and it pretty much embodies everything we hope Europe is like when visiting.


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