Colmar, France: A Real Life Fantasyland

After spending a little over two weeks in the mountains, it was nice to get out of snow pants, boots, and other gear.  As we made our way North to Belgium we stopped in the cutest, little town that looked like it came out of a children’s illustrated storybook, and thy name was Colmar.

RJ8A0375 RJ8A0351RJ8A0276 RJ8A0197See what I mean..?

This is the kind of town you really don’t need a plan for, you’ll have a great time just roaming the streets and taking in all the colors and details.  It was rainy during our stay but we didn’t mind one bit.  We stayed at the Best Western Grande Hotel Bristol right next to the train station and our walk to the main square was less than a ten minute walk.


I learned later that this town was the inspiration for the design of Belle’s “Little Town” in the opening number of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast from 1991. Maybe that’s why I fell in love with this place so quickly.  Another fun Colmar fact: the sculptor responsible for America’s Statue of Liberty, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, was born here in 1834.  A 39-foot replica of Liberty Enlightening the World can be found not far outside of town.

I became obsessed with signs like these (shown below).  Each one had so much detail and seemed to tell a story. RJ8A0284RJ8A0253 RJ8A0302

A typical meal of this region includes a big slab of meat over some roasted vegetables and potatoes.  We had a lovely lunch at Le Fer Rouge… but my favorite part was the dessert, a cake made of ice cream, whipped cream, and meringue.


It was a short lived fairytale, as we only stayed here two nights, but it was worth every second!  This is one little town that should be on every traveler’s bucket list during a Eurotrip, especially those looking for that feeling of “happily ever after.”


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