Skiing the French Alps

To finish off the winter we headed back to Europe with the family into the French Alps at a ski resort called Sainte Foy Tarentaise.  It was only my second time skiing but the slopes there really helped me perfect my technique! Well, after falling…many times. There were easy slopes through an enchanting forest and the intermediate courses were enough of a challenge but nothing we couldn’t do confidently.


Our favorite route was taking lifts to the top of La Marquise slope for a gorgeous view and taking the Grand Soliet, La Chapelle, and Les Charmettes runs all the way to the bottom again.  One of the best days was when we stopped in the middle of the mountain and kicked off our skis for lunch at Les Marquises.  It was a really cool atmosphere with a friendly staff and beautiful plates.  We ended the meal with what they call a “digestive” in France, which must mean “really strong shot” which loosened us up and made the rest of the way down even more fun.

RJ8A9417RJ8A9463The view from our cabin.

RJ8A9578RJ8A9756Les Marquises Restaurant. 

RJ8A9725 RJ8A9670RJ8A9722 RJ8A9388

It was nice to come back to the cabin after a long day of skiing, muscles aching, and relax with a warm dinner around the raclette.  This meal involves melting cheese and pouring it over potatoes accompanied with cured meats, pickles, and salad.

The second cabin we stayed in belonged to a family friend and had an amazing view of Mont Blanc, which is the highest peak in Europe.  Waking up to this every morning was a dream.  We spent our time here going on walks through the nearby forest and attempting to build igloos and snowmen… I’ll pass on sharing photos of those though.

RJ8A0104 RJ8A9841-HDRRJ8A9903 RJ8A0082

The nearby town of Chamonix was also quite picturesque:

RJ8A0152 RJ8A0131

By the end of this trip I felt as if we were living in a painting… Its like I know what a real winter is like now.  During my first ski trip in Tahoe, many slopes were closed due to the weather, but I don’t think any of those could compare to the beauty and majesty of the French Alps.


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