0 to 150 MPH in Abu Dhabi

Alright thrill junkies, are you ready to experience THE fastest rollercoaster in the world?!  Well, I wasn’t sure if I was as we arrived to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, the only one of its kind… for now.  Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE rollercoasters and pretty much any ride in general, but was I ready for this?


We got to the park right as it opened, and Formula Rossa was the first thing we headed towards, aka the world’s only rollercoaster that gets up to 150 MPH in just FIVE seconds!  Super exciting at first until you’re handed a pair of goggles and you start to wonder if the human body should be going that fast in as little as five seconds…  Luckily we got the front row and let me tell you, that is the only way to experience this ride.  If you go, PLEASE, do yourself a favor and get the front row-even if you have to wait for it!


As our train came in water was spraying its wheels to cool off the brakes.  Our personal photographer, Fabian’s dad, got a photo of us right before take off (seen above).  The nerves really hit during the countdown to launch and then… it happened.  The track was screaming… I think I was screaming… or at least trying to… I had absolutely no control of my face, I was drooling, my hair was flying everywhere. In fact, when the ride was over I had a knot the size of a golfball, but it was AWESOME! If you love coasters this one is definitely worth the trip to UAE.


Our next coaster was Flying Aces, which was a little scary because before you get on the ride the track is completely hidden. Even when you take your seat and get strapped in there are doors in front of you covering the track, which was intimidating as we were in the front row again… Oh, and did I mention this one has the world’s largest loop?  It lives up to its name as you really feel as though you’re flying.  For anyone looking for a milder coaster experience that’s still just as fun, try Fiorano GT Challenge.


Not every ride is so intense though, there are plenty of kid friendly attractions, Benno’s Great Race is interactive and geared toward little ones, it was freakin’ adorable!  There’s also several 4-D rides, think Universal’s Spiderman.  They also have their own version of Soarin’…only over Italia, of course… Not sure how they got away with that.  The cutest (and slowest) was probably Bell’Italia, where you board a tiny car on a tour of a mini Italian diorama.


Our favorite, by far, had to be Karting Academy!! I think go karts may be my new hobby! Find this one early to reserve a spot because spaces fill up fast.  It’s not an attraction you wait in line for, you actually have to get a return time… But its sooooo worth it.


If you’re not really going for the rides but for the love of Ferrari there is scheduled entertainment and a couple showrooms too.  Other Ferrari theme parks are in the works but if you ever take a trip to the UAE, make sure to stop at the original.


We decided to skip theme park food, but kept it Italian at Buca di Beppo, which had a great lunch deal and is located in the mall attached to Ferrari World.  Then it was time to head over to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.  It was absolutely gorgeous! But ladies be prepared, either bring something to cover up (including your head) or you’ll have to rent a hijab.


A trip to the UAE wouldn’t have been complete without visiting either of these locations in Abu Dhabi, especially since Fabes had been getting me pumped about the world’s fastest coaster months in advance. It’s really amazing, the things you can find in the middle of a desert… I didn’t realize all that was waiting for us passed all that sand.



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