The Most Photogenic Spots in Hong Kong

There was so much we loved about Hong Kong, even more than just its Disneyland… It seemed that everywhere we went, there was so much to see.  Hong Kong is a very photogenic city…


For example, the Yick Cheong building made for some interesting shots that really give viewers a good understanding of what life is like in this busy and crowded city.


This is also an area where the fourth Transformers movie was filmed, which a kind, local passerby informed us of.



Another popular apartment complex we snapped photos of was the Choi Hung Estate, which in Cantonese means “rainbow.”  The building has been around since the early 1960s and still holds a certain charm from the era of its construction.




Aside from housing complexes there was a lot of graffiti and great signage to add to the urban feel of our surroundings, as if the towering buildings weren’t enough…

RJ8A5130Some skyscrapers were so tall they seemed to disappear into the misty sky.



For an even better view of the city from above, we recommend taking an elevator to the top of the One Island East building.  I was also happy to find a nice art gallery there.





For a peaceful get away from busy streets and loud cars we took a break at the Man Mo Temple, known for its plethora of coil incense.  It may have been a little hard to breathe… but it was one of the only spiritual experiences we found in this westernized city.


Getting to and from all these places was beyond easy for us with the help of Hong Kong’s efficient metro system (MTR), which we were able to catch from the bottom of our JW Marriott hotel, attached to the Pacific Place Mall.



Speaking of malls, shopping in Hong Kong was an experience in itself… So many popular brands were all around us!


Most important, to me, were the SANRIO stores, home of Hello Kitty!!  I hadn’t been in one of these stores since I was a kid and I can honestly tell you…  I was hyperventilating walking into this pink pastel heaven.


Our stay in this city was short, due to how expensive it is to stay here, but it was one of our favorites, and I left with plenty of treasures to remember it by.



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