Wandering through Vietnam

After Sapa there was still plenty to see.  For example, on the road from place to place we saw tons of workers performing some interesting tasks.

RJ8A4255RJ8A4337RJ8A4292 RJ8A4456RJ8A4573

Then there was the container in Moc Chau.  A hotel where all the rooms were these colorful portables in the middle of a green tea plantation.  We were lucky enough to get the pink one!

RJ8A4448 RJ8A4450

It may have been smaller than what we’re used to, but that made it almost feel like camping, so I loved it…


Although, the staff seemed confused when we asked to have dinner in their on site restaurant… Luckily, our guide was kind enough to barbecue for us! One day for lunch we even stopped at his in-laws house for our first “hot pot” experience!


Called “lau” in Vietnamese, the hot pot is very popular in this country.  Boiling hot broth sits in the middle of everyone as you dunk in the raw food placed around the pot.  We even got to sit/lay on the ground!


Oh, and of course no meal in Vietnam is complete without “happy water,” a powerful rice wine which is usually homemade and put into plastic water bottles.


When we got to Ninh Binh we actually met some of the cameramen and lighting crew from the upcoming King Kong sequel, Kong 2: Skull Island after their day of filming.  We tried to keep an eye out for Sam Jackson too, but had no luck finding him.  Fabian got to do some filming of his own with his dad’s DJI Phantom 3 drone, which got some great shots at Trang An.

DJI_0029-HDRAs you can see, this landscape makes for a perfect backdrop for the Kong film.

Fabes was also able to fly at the recently constructed Bai Dinh Temple, which was gorgeous inside and out; very different than the temples we were used to seeing in Myanmar.

DJI_0066-HDR RJ8A4626

Our last stop before heading back to Hanoi was in Ha Long Bay known for being filled with amazingly shaped isles.  We only had one day there and the weather wasn’t great but we got a private boat to take out and get some photos.

RJ8A4654 RJ8A4729

The area has fishing villages and beaches which are much more crowded in the warm season, but I actually liked how foggy and mysterious things looked when we were there.

Our last day in Vietnam was spent back in Hanoi, at our favorite JW Marriott Hotel.

DJI_0013-HDR-Edit They even featured Fabian’s photo on their Facebook page!

The best part about our time spent in Vietnam was learning how important friendship is to everyone there. They all take care of each other, a lot like how our guide and driver took care of us.


If you ever plan on taking a trip to Vietnam and need someone to show you around ask for our friends, Mr Hero and Hungkaka, they’ll make sure you get the cultural experience you’re after and that you’re having fun at the same time. We can’t thank them enough for all their help during our trip.



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