Expedition Myanmar: The Ancient Temples of Bagan

Expedition (1)

The place I most adored throughout all of Myanmar would have to be Bagan.  The plains here are covered in over 2,000 ancient temples and pagodas that were built in the 11th through 13th century.


This area brings in a whole lot of tourists, which we saw most of as we would watch the sunsets from the top of Pyathada Paya.

img_6163 img_6171

One morning we even went to this exact temple for the sunrise.  It was so much fun to get there in the dark, only being able to make out the shadowy outline of the temple and going in with a flashlight revealing the huge Buddhas and not knowing what could be lurking around any corner.


We suggest going to the plains for at least one sunrise during your stay in Bagan, since you’ll be able to watch the hot air balloons rise at the same time.  If it’s in your budget you can even hop aboard one of the Balloons over Bagan, but it will cost you about $300 per person.


Another ruin we spent most of our time at in the area was the Shwesandaw Pagoda, which is huge and provides a great view of the skyline.


If any photographers out there plan on visiting the area, Fabian recommends bringing a long telephoto lens because the temples are actually a lot more spread out than you can tell from other people’s pictures.


We also saw many tourists getting around by renting motorbikes, but it did look like they were having a hard time getting through the very sandy terrain.


Luckily, we had our driver, who I’d like to dedicate this article to.  Thanks for keeping us safe during our trip as well as adding many laughs and smiles throughout our time in your country!


On our way back to the Yangon Airport he even took us to Mount Popa, which is completely surreal looking and surrounded by adorable, little monkeys.


Well, this concludes our observation of Myanmar, the country formally known as Burma.


To our fellow travelers who yearn for an authentic experience… get to Myanmar soon!  It’s changing at a fast rate and more tourists come in by the bus loads everyday.  Although the country is already more “touristy” than we had hoped the people of Myanmar have provided us with plenty of exciting, hilarious, and heart-warming memories that I’m sure we’ll hang on to for a long time.


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