Getting Around Bangkok

If you’re at all familiar with Bangkok, then you know how large it is and how spread out everything is from each other.  If you’ve ever visited yourself you’ve probably noticed how congested the entire place is with traffic.  Getting across the city in the evening took up to an hour in a taxi.

Luckily there are plenty more options in this city than just taking a taxi or walking.  We’ll share all the ways we found in this article.


If you do plan on taking taxis, make sure to have your hotel written down in the Thai language so drivers understand where you want to go.  One day we were fortunate enough to find Mr. Worakit, who spoke English fairly well and even tried a bit of French when he heard Fabian’s parents speaking.  If it wasn’t for him I might not have seen the Floating Markets, he offered to take us on the hour drive out of the city.


Google Maps came in handy when we wanted to use the bus system, which was probably our favorite.  It’s a great way to get up close and personal with the locals hopping on and off.

Also made for some cool pictures!


If you have a good idea of the city’s layout and need to get somewhere quick, we recommend the train systems.  The BTS Skytrain, in the air, was nice and air conditioned, which was much needed on the days that almost got to 100 degrees fahrenheit.  It felt clean and even had tv screens to entertain you during your trip.


There’s also an underground subway system, which reminded us a lot of BART in San Francisco.  It got us where we needed to be quickly but it wasn’t as nice as the skytrain.


Then there was the boats, used by locals and tourists, the people working them will get you where you need to go.  There’s a two hour tour that can get you to the Floating Markets or quick trips to and from the Grand Palace area.


The first boat we took was large and mostly had locals aboard.  It took us across the river in just five minutes, which would have been quite a long journey in a taxi.


We also took a long, wooden boat which was more of a tourist experience, but the sketchiest boat we’ve ever taken.  It rocked back and forth, bounced up and down, it was actually a lot of fun… But sounded like it would break every time we caught wakes from other passing boats.  You’ll also get splashed by the not so yummy looking river water.


While we recommend every form of transportation mentioned above, one you NEED to try for the full Bangkok experience is a Tuk Tuk.  There’s nothing else like it… Cramming into the back of this three-wheeled beauty while your driver zips through traffic was a ton of fun!  I had been dreaming of Tuk Tuk rides since before we left for Asia, yet again Fabes made my dreams come true!



2 thoughts on “Getting Around Bangkok

    1. OMG! You would have so much fun on the tuk tuk. They’re used by everyone, whether a tourist or a local. I saw the cutest little grandmas taking them to markets. The bus was really cool too, I love that picture Fabes took inside of it.

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