Lost in Los Angeles


From Ventura we made our way through Malibu, where we mostly just stared in awe at all the glorious mansions surrounding us.


Then we followed the coastline to Santa Monica and parked at the pier.  After taking a look at all the beachy gift shops and ferris wheel at the end of the dock we followed a path along the beach all the way down to Venice Beach.  It was about a 45 minute walk, but it’s well worth the stroll, there’s all sorts of things to see along the way.



And even more to see once you get to Venice Beach itself, including all the local bums, trying to sell anything from art to “shitty advice.”  I’m not just saying that, there was literally a man with a sign around his neck that said “Shitty Advice for $1.”

The scenery wouldn’t be complete without a skatepark and some graffiti, which we found, and it made for a great photoshoot.





After that, we decided to make our way back to the car and head up to the Griffith Observatory for a nice view of the Hollywood sign… once we finally found a parking spot.  Word of advice if you plan on stopping here: get there early in the day.



Then it was time to head out to Anaheim and check into our hotel right down the street from Disneyland.  Once we were checked in and put our bags away we took a walk to Downtown Disney for dinner.  We ended up getting shared plates at the Uva Bar, an outdoor eatery I always visit with my parents.


At this point I was ecstatic about spending the next day in the parks, and I’m pretty sure Fabian was too.



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