On the Way to Santa Barbara

The second day of our road trip started in the San Luis Obispo area, so we decided to make a stop downtown to a local attraction, Bubble Gum Alley.  It is exactly what it sounds like, a small space between a couple of buildings covered in people’s chewed up and spat out gum.


There are two origins to how the wall was started, some say it was a San Luis Obispo High School’s graduating event after WWII and others tell a story of it beginning as a rivalry in the 1950s by students of the high school and Cal Poly, the local college.  Either way, it still remains even after two unsuccessful cleanings in the 1970s and 1990s.


It’s graffiti…


It’s sculpture…


It’s… quite disgusting really…


But most importantly it’s the local charm we’d been searching for.  And of course, we couldn’t go without leaving our own mark.


Trying so hard not to touch anyone else’s!

After SLO, we decided to stay on 101 due to crappy weather.  We made a quick stop in Pismo Beach for some photos of the pier under the grey sky.


We also wanted to stop in a town about an hour away called Solvang, Danish for “sunny field.”  It was actually my grandma who told us we should go, since it’s a cute Scandinavian themed city.  While the town square was very adorable, what really got our attention was Ostrichland USA.  A place we didn’t even know existed, until I saw Ostriches on the side of the road, became our favorite place of the day.




At Ostrichland you enter a gift shop filled with bird motif merchandise where you can purchase your six dollar ticket to enter the farm, equipped with your own bowl of Ostrich-chow.



They look like strange puppet heads…

Not only did this place have Ostriches, but also emus.


And teeny tiny babies!


From Solvang we made our way down Highway 1 to Santa Barbara where we grabbed Vietnamese food for lunch and went to the pier for photos of the majestic mountain range surrounding the city.


As you can see, it was a cloudy, rainy day so we decided to look for some indoor activities and ended up at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, which was super impressive!


It may be underrated from the outside, but it holds tons of information about wildlife, minerals, and plants local to the area.


You could spend several hours in the Hall of Birds alone.  Aside from knowledge, this place is also full of taxidermy, so if that’s not your thing… You’ve been warned.


All in all our second day on the road was full of great experiences.  Tune in tomorrow to see what we’re up to in Los Angeles.


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