Camping in Bodega Bay


A lot has happened since our last post, as you may have noticed, we now have a logo… Thanks to yours truly.  We even got it printed on some shirts!


Oh, and most importantly, we’re in California now! Fabian is here to see where I grew up, went to college, and meet the family.  So far one of our favorite adventures has been camping in Bodega Bay, a small beach town north of San Francisco.


We arrived early and there were still a good amount of campsites to choose from, so we got the BEST one there was!

Campsite number three.



We were able to set up our tent at the edge of a hill which gave us an amazing view of the sunset and when we woke up in the morning.

RJ8A3956 RJ8A3959


We basically survived on bread, cheese, and cold cuts the entire trip… But at least we had candles and a table cloth!


Our first day was very sunny, we lucked out.  We made a trip to Bodega Head for some nice photos after a hike around the dunes.  This spot is great for beautiful views of the cliffs and the Pacific Ocean’s waves crashing into them.





The next day when we tried going back to watch the sunset, the fog had rolled in and you couldn’t see anything.  But the fog did make for good photos on the hills during our drive to Goat Rock.



If you ever make a trip to Goat Rock you may realize it looks familiar, that’s because it’s the filming location of the final scene in The Goonies.  You know the one, where a young Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, and Sloth watch One Eyed Willie’s ship sail off into the distance.  Yup, this is the place.


My favorite part is all the pebbles in the sand, which led to the only good photo I’ve ever taken:


We also visited another film location, but a much older one.  If you’re familiar with Alfred Hitchcock‘s movie, The Birds, you may remember this old, creepy schoolhouse.


Although there may not be a ton of attractions to visit here, some of the most interesting things we saw in Bodega Bay were just along the side of the road during our drives.


Like these strange stacks of perfectly balanced rocks,


Old boats in the water,


Cleverly built houses along Salmon Creek,


and of course, adorably painted candy shops, selling salt water taffy; one of Fabian’s new favorite treats.



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