8 Things We Love in Bogotá

Our Top8

1. Street Art


It’s obvious that one of our favorite things to do wherever we go is to find street art and murals.  Due to the lenient restrictions of graffiti in Bogotá, the city is covered in it, making it our number one activity here.


If you’re interested in seeing more of our photographs check out our NEXT post based on Colombia’s street artists.

2. Fernando Botero Art Museum


Speaking of art, want to visit a free museum full of Colombia’s most well known painter and sculptor?  Then you have to make a stop at the Botero Art Museum.  You can’t help but to love all his chubby, little, baby-like characters.


It’s even attached to a museum of modern art, which was also free the day we visited.  The current exhibit was strange, edgy, and everything I look for in contemporary art.

3. Bolívar Square


Plaza de Bolívar would have to be the most picturesque area within the city, even though it’s covered with beggars and pigeons.  Some of the beggars even sell corn kernels for tourists to feed the pigeons. 



Aside from that, the buildings surrounding the main square recall a classical style and they are all gorgeous.

4. Monserrate



Atop one of the highest mountains over looking the city is a functioning monastery. 


This area is crowded with tourists AND locals who climb steps to the top as a workout.  But don’t worry, there are more options than just the stairs. 


Take a tram or gondola to the top for the best view of the city.

5. Laguna de Guatavita


The paths are beautiful, the price isn’t bad, but the tour requires you to follow a guide… Unless you sneak away like we did, but even then, you’re bound to run into another group along the trail. 


Travelers who speak Spanish call this trek up the mountain a “spiritual awakening.”  Even if you’re not so fluent “en Español,” it’s still a pretty view of the lake from the mountain trail.  


That being said, if you’re a photographer, or enjoy a good hike, this is a place you’ll want to go.


Oh, and say hello to our friend if you get a chance.

6. Ajiaco


It took us a while to get used to the high altitudes of Bogotá, we woke up with dry throats the first few days.  But the perfect remedy for that is a Bogotá specialty, a creamy chicken and potato soup called Ajiaco.  You absolutely MUST try this before you leave.  It’s served with corn on the cob, an avocado slice, capers, and a side of rice; so it’s a meal that can last you all day long.

7. Policia Museum


While near the Bolívar Square, take a walk around the corner and check out this free museum.  We caught word of it from one of the Policia themselves out on the streets.  Your guide will be an active militia, and ours was a very sweet, young man who seemed to love what he was doing.  The police force here seems really proud of what they do, and they’re the friendliest cops I’ve ever experienced. 


The galleries of this museum are full of historical artifacts, the most popular being the gun room, with an extensive collection; or the exhibit of Pablo Escobar, which features some of his own personal belongings.

8. Juan Valdez


Have the urge to be “basic” in Colombia and can’t find a Starbucks?  Have no fear, Juan Valdez is here… And the frappuccinos are much cheaper. 


Even if you’re not a big fan of Starbucks, you can’t go all the way to Colombia and not try the coffee.  So you might as well go with the most popular chain in the region.


3 thoughts on “8 Things We Love in Bogotá

  1. Gorgeous pics! I wondered about the high altitude and how that would play out. Just looked up a recipe for ajiaco and will be making it this weekend — looks delish, thx for sharing!!

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