Coffee Country and Cocora Valley


In our last post I mentioned Bogotá being the last stop on our trip… but I was wrong.  We had also planned a trip to Pereira, the coffee-producing, mountainous area of the country; as well as Cocora Valley.  I hadn’t realized how far these places were from Bogotá, but here’s a map to give you an idea:

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 11.35.03 PM

As you can see it was a long and windy drive through the foothills of the Andes Mountains, but we had a lot to see along the way.

One of our favorite stops was within the many coffee plantations.


We came across a large group of men, all who looked like farmers, with burlap sacks filled with their crops.  So, like any good explorer would, we pulled over to take a closer look.


We then found out that their bags were filled with colorful coffee beans, which were being weighed out for a cash reward.



Each man would pour their bags out into this bucket, and then the man who was paying them kept a list of how much each farmer brought.



Then they were hauled away in trucks like this.  It was really fascinating to see how this process works.


Oh yeah, and another interesting stop was when we found the edge of the world


Which was pretty windy.


The best part of the trip had to be Cocora Valley, home to some of the tallest Quindío wax palm trees in the world.  Fabian had been looking forward to a photoshoot at this location since the trip was first planned, and he got some really amazing photos while we were there.






Yes, they’re really that big.


Entry requires a small donation of 3.000 Pesos, which is only one US dollar.


Its a steep hike to the best views, but it’s a climb you won’t regret.


In my opinion the 7 hour drive to this area was totally worth it, to see the true beauty of Colombia.  And of course it wouldn’t be complete without a kiss… or two… or three…



5 thoughts on “Coffee Country and Cocora Valley

  1. I have enjoyed so much your stories and pictures they are just so beautiful I’m speechless! You guys looks like you have a lot of fun taking those pictures, very professional and very colorful
    Congrats !!!! Nice Logo😉


    1. Thanks! We stayed at the Hotel Soratama in the city of Pereira. There are several hotel options in the Plaza de Bolivar and it was only about an hour and fifteen minute drive to Cocora Valley from there. Hope this helps!


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