Orlando: Where it all Began…


When you’re in Disney’s College Program, like I was for eight months, your life involves working for the mouse up to 60 hours a week.  This leads to the need of releasing all stress by dancing and drinking recklessly, as many Cast Members do at Downtown Disney’s House of Blues.  Every Sunday HOB features local DJs for what they call a service industry night.  Anyone can get in by purchasing a ticket, but people who work for the theme parks have free admission.  On May 24 my roommate and I decided to end yet another exasperating week by drinking heavily at HOB, we even took the bus to ensure we’d get home safely.  When we arrived the place wasn’t very crowded so we went upstairs to look at the dance floor from above and this was the first time I set eyes on Fabian.  He was dancing with a friend and he seemed like a really fun guy, so later that night when I saw him pass me by on a staircase I had to make sure to make lingering eye contact… That’s when he instantly pulled me into a corner and introduced himself. The conversation ended with me having to find my roommate and saving my number to his phone (I stopped bringing my own phone into HOB after it was stolen about a month prior).

At the time I didn’t know how this man would change my life, but after meeting him nothing has been the same.  I should have known this was going to be something special when he texted me first thing the next morning and told me about his photography.  I still remember laying in bed, pretty hungover and looking through his Instagram.  I was completely blown away.  I had met a world traveler, one that took breath-taking photos of all the places he had been.  I was completely jealous of his life and wondered why he wasn’t working for National Geographic.

Here’s an example of some of the images I received from him that morning:

Since then we’ve been to House of Blues several more times, mostly to visit our staircase… But we’ve already had many other adventures in the short time of being together.  We plan on taking many more and we’d like to share them with you.  So join us as we photograph and write about the places we’ve kissed!


Selfie at the House of Blues when we actually went together for the first time.

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